Prep Team

About Prep Team

We are starting November 7th with dry land training and will move to skis as soon as we have snow. Dryland training is for both conditioning and learning technique – we encourage everyone to participate.   You are welcome to join after we move on snow  – but if you are joining us later please send in your registration form as soon as possible if you would like to reserve rental gear

Prep Team is open to U14 & U16 (12-15 year olds) and will meet on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 4 to 5:30.   Practice locations will vary depending on snow conditions, but on weekdays we will usually meet at the Glacier Nordic Center at Whitefish Lake Golf Course.  Prep Team skiers will learn and improve classic and skate ski techniques while skiing varied terrain. They will also learn training techniques and ski knowledge and care.   Prep skiers are encouraged (but not required) to participate in local races and the regional Western States Ski Festival with team support.

It is expected that registrants have some cross-country ski experience. First time younger skiers should register for Chet Hope Youth Ski League or Junior Jets. Older skiers please contact us – we will work with you to accommodate first time Nordic skiers.

NOTE:  We  encourage kids to attend as many days as possible, but we realize they may not be able to make all practice days due to other obligations.  Like any sport – kids progress faster the more time they put in!

Ages: U14 & U16 (12 to 15 years old)

Head Coach: Cameron Blake

Coaches: Hannah Callahan plus some guest male coaches!

Dates: November 7, 2017 to March 6, 2018 (starting dry land and moving to snow as we are able)

Days: Tues, Wed, Thurs

Time: 4:00-5:30 pm, We expect all kids to be ready to ski at 4pm with their skis waxed and ready to go.  Kids can get changed at school and keep skis and poles at school if needed. Early season we will likely be skiing on the Mountain and it will necessitate kids going straight from school to the Mountain. Van pick up will again be available – please sign up early to ensure a spot or consider carpooling.

Prep Team Cost: $325.   Includes a team hat for first time registrants

Gear rental:  Available for the season at a cost of $75 rental for a complete set, or $50 rental for either classic or skate gear. We will begin handing out rental gear the week of December 9. (If using some of your gear and some of ours please plan for compatibility –  our gear is NNN). We encourage families to purchase gear for your child once they stop growing for the best fit and comfort.


TO REGISTER:  You can now REGISTER ONLINE or Print and send us the GNST Registration Form 2017-18 and tuition fee. Whichever way you register, please print and send/bring us the completed  Health History Form by the first practice (If you completed the health history for summer we do not need a new one unless there are changes we should know about).

 Prep Team Gear List

For dryland please bring a pair of poles that are armpit length or slightly shorter – we  will have some loaner poles for dryland.

Skate skis, skate poles and combi or dedicated skate boots.  Classic skis, poles and combior dedicated classic boots – Classic skis should be sized and dedicated to classic skiing (no waxless or combis).  Water belt or pack and water bottle. Basic kick waxes.

Cool weather running clothes and running shoes for early season dry land. Jacket for varying conditions including rain/wet snow and cold weather – please no parkas – makes it hard to move. Synthetic or wool clothing that you can layer appropriately for conditions (no cotton) wind layer on top.  Gloves, Hat, Sunglasses. Dress as you would for winter running.


Poles – two pairs of poles are important to learn proper technique.  Classic poles should be almost to the top of the shoulder and skating poles to the upper lip.

One pair of “combi” boots will work for both skate and classic.  These are boots that generally have a cuff to support the ankle but aren’t as stiff as pure skate boots. Dedicated skate and classic boots are advantageous especially  for 110 pound or so plus  skiers.   If your skier’s feet and/or body have stopped growing please purchase your own equipment and particularly boots.