Grooming Reports


The grooming page is moving to the home Trails and Grooming page for the 17-18 season.

Sunday, March 26, 2017 – Last day of grooming for the season.

Big Mountain Trails 

9:05 All trails groomed! Classic track was last set Thursday.  The part of Cedar that parallels Pine Marten is closed.  Watch for the sinkholes from springs – one at the bottom of the second downhill on Pine Marten. Please keep dogs on a leash on Whitefish Mountain Resort Property.

Glacier Nordic Center at the Whitefish Lake Golf Course – Closed for the season.

3.19.17 9:15 am 40 F  The Grouse and Lost Loon trails are groomed.  Too soft to set classic track – some still is in place. Come out and get a last ski in!   North side is closed.  Watch for bare spots under trees and over cart paths.  EVERYONE – PLEASE, stay on groomed trails and protect the golf course – if you can see your tracks you are potentially damaging the golf course.