Junior Jets

About the Junior Jets Program

**Registered Participants: Please Check your Email for Weekly Plans all Season Long**

Junior Jets teaches youth, U10 & U12 (ages 8 to 11) how to skate ski and improve their classic ski skills through games and exercises. Specific skills learned (depending on current ability) include diagonal stride, double pole, V-1, V-2, up hills, down hills and turning as well as ski knowledge, safety and etiquette.  We will start dry land with running and games and move to skis as soon as there is snow.

Jets are encouraged to participate in the local ski races and in the regional Youth Champs fesitval (this year in Sun Valley).  Snow permitting Jets will go on an adventure ski – last year we skied down from Big Mountain.  It is expected that registrants have some cross-country or other ski experience. First time skiers are encouraged to register for Chet Hope Youth Ski League.  Please contact Robin Brooks with any questions.

Head Coach:  Robin Brooks 406-291-9188; glaciernordicskiteam@gmail.com

Assistant Coaches:  Virginia Bowland, Cyril Burguiere, Hannah Callahan, Ben Schwaller, Susie Ruffato

Dates:  December 5, 2017 to March 1, 2018 (starting dryland until the snow comes)

Days/Time: Tues and Thurs, 4:00-5:30 pm

Location:  Glacier Nordic Center or alternative locations if a lack of snow

Cost: $175  Includes a team hat for first time registrants

Gear rental:  Available for the season at a cost of $75 rental for a complete set, or $50 rental for classic or skate gear.  (If using some of your gear and some of ours please plan for compatibility – our gear is NNN).

Scholarships:  Need-based scholarships are available for registration and gear rental.  Please email glaciernordicskiteam@gmail.com for more information.


TO REGISTER:  Register Online OR Print and send the GNST Registration Form 2017-18 and tuition fee. 

 Junior Jets Gear List

  • Skate skis, skate poles and combi boots
  • Classic skis, poles and combi boots – skis can be combi, waxless or dedicated. SEE NOTES BELOW.
    OR combi skis used for both skate and classic (will need to remove kick wax after classic skiing)
  • Water belt and water bottle
  • Jacket for varying conditions including rain/wet snow and cold weather – please no parkas – makes it hard to move
  • Synthetic or wool clothing that you can layer appropriately for conditions (no cotton) wind layer on top.  Dress as you would for winter running.
  • Gloves, Hat, Sunglasses


Waxless Skis
Waxless skis have a fish scale, cross-hatched or ridged pattern in the kick zone to provide grip eliminating the need for kick-wax.  A liquid, glide was may be used  on the scales to prevent snow and ice build-up.  Depending on the bases the tips and tails may still benefit from hot wax or the liquid glide was.

Combi Skis
Combis skis do not have a pattern on the bottom of the skis and are fine to use. You’ll need to apply kick wax (this grips the snow) for classic days, then remove the kick wax and apply re-glide wax for skate days. Families are responsible for applying and removing the kick wax and applying the glide wax.

Having two pairs of poles—one for classic skiing, the other for skate skiing—is important for learning proper technique.  The top of classic poles should come to almost the top of the shoulder and skating poles to the upper lip.

Combi Boots
These boots can be used for both skate and classic skiing. They generally have a cuff to support the ankle for skate skiing, but aren’t as stiff as pure skate boots.