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Glacier Nordic Club operates courses at the Whitefish Lake Golf Course and on Big Mountain adjacent to Whitefish Mountain Resort. For information on daily grooming go to our grooming page.  For trail maps and more location information go to either Glacier Nordic Center at the Whitefish Lake Golf Course page or the Big Mountain Nordic Trails page

Notice about Fat Bikes:

Fat Bikes are not allowed on any of Glacier Nordic Club’s groomed trails at Whitefish Lake Golf Course and on Big Mountain. The large ruts made by fat bikes are hazardous to xc skiers and are very difficult to remove.

Thank you for heeding this important notice.

Groomed Trails at Whitefish Lake Golf Course

Nordic ski options abound in the area. Each offers a unique experience. See our Other Trails in the Flathead Valley page to check out places to ski.



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10 thoughts on “Trails & Grooming

  • RJ Devitt

    Is it possible that your grooming “report” could contain some information about the actual CONDITIONS of the course? Otherwise your “report” is only stating the fact that the trails have been groomed – which is typically what happens everyday; unless there is some unforeseen reason they haven’t – breakdown, too mushy etc… I think many of us would like an idea of what the snow conditions are actually like, or if things are just bullet proof, or are things softening up a bit etc… some us travel a certain amount of distance to enjoy the trails and giving folks an idea of what conditions are actually like would be great! These reports do not have to be extensive or anything just give us an idea of what its like on the course Thanks for all the great work out there.

  • Laura Nugent

    we skied the Nordic Center today. Thank you, my shoulders thank you, my back thanks you for moving the tracks in. It is really nice to use both of my poles the way they are meant to be used.

  • Laura Nugent

    Nice job on “the Big”! Classic tracks were really good and all of my pole plants were solid. thanks for moving the grooves in a bit 🙂

  • Cameron Blake

    Thanks. How do you educate everyone to not use when soft or stay to the side. I have seen ski and bike trails back east and they had them share in some spots, use alternate routes in others – is that what you do? Unfortunately just a few incidents that we have had of bikes tearing up trails has put a bad taste in our mouths.

    • Rita Braun Post author

      Hi Chris and Aly.

      Thanks for contacting us. Steve Muller is not grooming at FVCC this year–The reason that link was removed from our site.

  • Steve

    Happy New Year!
    The Golf Course will be groomed early this morning, as usual. Classic track is in good shape.
    Big Mtn. yesterday:
    Groomed Cedar and Moosehoof down to Iron Horse. No classic track set.
    FYI: Iron Horse was groomed w/ cl track set.
    The upper trails – Rollercoaster, Badger, and Gopher really took a beating from the snow and high winds on Sunday.
    Lots of debris and snowdrifts in places. These trails were rolled only to. They would be tough to skate on, but touring skis would be fine.
    The trailhead at the Willow lot is totally plowed over. Skiers can’t find the trail. Waiting for WMR to send a groomer down to fix the trailhead.
    If all goes well, will groom/set cl track down to Iron Horse by late morning, then work on the upper trails- it’s gonna take some time to get them back into shape.

  • Brenda Winkler

    Can you please provide a schedule/time when you expect grooming to be complete at both the golf course and Big Mountain. I have been up at Big Mountain several times in the past couple weeks and although the web site says grooming was completed in the morning, it was not groomed in the morning on Christmas Day and grooming was not completed during the morning hours on other days. It is ideal to begin skiing after the grooming is complete, and even more ideal to have grooming complete at first light so that it sets up before the skiers arrive. Skiers on just groomed snow create an uneven surface that can be challenging and even treacherous for some.

    Thank you

    • Rita Braun Post author

      Remarks by Dave Edic: I will comment on the grooming reports from the time I started posting which I think was Dec 16th.

      Our groomers start their daily grooming at the golf course and then go up to the mountain to groom.
      I usually receive a text message from the groomers which indicates when they are done at the Golf Course and then later when they are done at the mountain. I then post to facebook and the website. I only post that trails are groomed if I am told they are groomed. I think I have posted that the big mountain trails were being groomed at the time of the post because the text from the groomer indicated he was heading there to groom. But this not the norm and only if it had not snowed the night before.

      Depending on the amount of snow fall and the condition of the snow they make multiple passes at each location. And if the snow is deep and wet they have to roll first with one apparatus and then drag with another and then set tracks. On Christmas eve we received so much wet snow on the mountain they could only roll the trails and then drag them the next day because of the snowmobile limitations. This what happen on Christmas….the trails were not dragged until Christmas day and then were not complete until the afternoon because he was grooming the golf course in the morning and that took sometime because of how wet and deep the snow was. We sure have nice trails now though.

      I know what you mean about skiing at the mountain late morning or early afternoon and they are still grooming or have just finished. I have experienced this many times myself. It seems that with the equipment and human resources we have this is the way it is going to be.

      Merry Christmas and the gift of lots of snow …..but a two day job to groom it.

      So the grooming schedule is Golf Course first thing in the morning and the mountain mid morning on a normal day when it doesn’t snow. When it snows…..grooming takes longer depending on the snow. Often the mountain doesn’t get completed until early afternoon if we have a good snow fall.

      So I hope that helps. If you have any other comments or questions let us know.

      Dave Edic