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Glacier Nordic Club operates the Glacier Nordic Center at the Whitefish Lake Golf Course and grooms the Upper trails in the Big Mountain Nordic Trail network.   Daily Grooming Reports are below.  For trail maps and more location information go to either Glacier Nordic Center at the Whitefish Lake Golf Course page or the Big Mountain Nordic Trails page.  Once open we groom daily with the goal of completing the Golf Course by 8 and the BMNT by 9 am and posting a complete grooming report.   If we are delayed for some reason like weather or an equipment breakdown we will update as soon as possible.  Please note that Iron Horse starts grooming the lower BMNT trails at times starting from 7 to 9 am. 

Trail Reports:

Whitefish Lake Golf Course

Trail Report:
2/24 8:45am 14F, Light snow, skiff overnight.  All trails groomed for skate and all new classic track.

Additional parking and trail access for season pass holders available behind the restaurant and on the north side of the Grouse Mountain Lodge parking lot (across 93).  SHOP hours are 9:30 to 5:30 Monday – Saturday, and 9:30 to 4:00 Sunday.  Please purchase/pickup your pass and wear it while skiing. 

Big Mountain Nordic Trails

Upper Trails (Iron Horse Spur and Moosehoof Intersection and up – groomed by Glacier Nordic)


2/24 9:30am  15f Lightly snowing, 4″ new snow, ginzu groomed for skate and new classic.

DOGS must be on a leash on Whitefish Mountain Resort Property.  Please keep your dogs under control and clean-up after them! Dogs may be off leash on the single track Whitefish Trail and on the the trails down Moosehoof (but not Badger).  Turn right across the Bridge and head down onto Stotlze lands. 

Please educate hikers, snowshoers, and fat bikes on Stay in Your Lane practice and do not use the trails if  it makes unsafe conditions for Nordic skiers (dog paw prints can do this too!).

Whitefish Mountain Resort is a good resource for temperature and snow fall for the Big Mountain Trails, and a great web cam.

Snow Report

Web Cam

Lower Trails (Iron Horse Spur, Alex’s Alley and down – groomed by Iron Horse Golf Club)

Iron Horse plans on grooming all trails daily starting between 7 and 9 am. If there is a big snow they will just pack and roll trails.  If you ski in Iron Horse – let us know how the trails are.    Iron Horse access is drop off only –  see the map on the BMNT page, NO parking is allowed and cars will be towed.

Notice about Fat Bikes:

Fat Bikes are not allowed on any of Glacier Nordic Club’s groomed trails at Whitefish Lake Golf Course and on Big Mountain on Winter Sports, Inc. land.  On other trails please use best practices and do not ride if you sink in more that 1″ and yield to other users.   Thank you for heeding this important notice.

Nordic ski options abound in the area. Each offers a unique experience. See our Other Trails in the Flathead Valley page to check out places to ski.



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11 thoughts on “Trails & Grooming

  • vince

    I have been skiing Big Mountain all season. Have yet to see a dog on a leash. Okay if dogs are under control but have had numerous cases where dogs jump in front of me or on me. We need dog owners to obey the leash rule or ski at another location.

    • Bob

      Why do irresponsible dog owners always ruin it for the one’s that have control of their dogs? I don’t leash my dog, but he obeys and stays away from people and minds his own business, and stays on the side of this trail. I’ve seen other dogs that also are off leash and don’t bother people or other dogs. But unfortunately, I understand your point. There are some very stupid and reckless pet owners. I’ve had to bear mace two dogs this year already for attacking my old dog and I’ve had the same problem with dogs jumping on me while I’m trying to ski while the owner does nothing. Montana has always been a very dog friendly area and the owners have been mostly respectful and responsible. If your dog does not behave, please take them to a dog park and/or train them, and keep them away from this trail and others. Don’t ruin it for us responsible pet owners. Because over time, these irrepressible pet owners will get dogs banned everywhere, like in other parts of the country.

      • Cameron Blake

        Please everyone – we are privileged and thankful to have these trails. We are excited to see so many use them – furred friends too. It was part of the easement from Whitefish Mountain Resort to the City of Whitefish, and in Glacier Nordic’s agreement with the City and WMR that dogs MUST be on a leash! WMR trails include all of the GNC grooming except parts of lower Badger.

  • Dave Supple

    Wednesday, 1/17, Skied Big Mountain Nordic Trails this morning. Simply spectacular! Giant thanks to the Groomers! The fresh corduroy was unbelievable. The thick snow is now settled down and the grooming has made skating or classical very smooth. Haskell Hwy was a beautiful carpet of well groomed snow. Big Big Thanks!

  • Brenda

    Skied the Iron Horse Trails this morning starting at 10:30. Nice wide trails! Firm, fast, fun but a little sketchy with baby chicken heads. Skiing later may be easier. Also, walkers and bikers using the trail early and in general not staying to the side. Bike ruts (old ones not groomed out well and new ones) creating challenges for skiing. The idea of multi use is nice but a lot of holes and ruts are not grooming out.

    • Cameron Blake

      thanks Brenda! Skiers please help us educate other users on the stay in your lane guidelines. Other users opposite classic tracks and to the side. Stoltze lands are multi-use – we can educate and guide users, but can’t keep them off the trails!